D. V. G. L. N. Rao

Experimental Laser Physics @ Umass Boston
Distinguished Professor, University of Massachusetts
Department of Physics, UMass Boston, 100 Morrissey Blvd, Boston, MA 02125
Ph. (617) 287-6065, Fax. (617) 287-6053, Email
, Research Group

Research Interests  

Nonlinear Optics 
Medical Image Processing 
Nano and Bio Photonics
Optical Data Storage
Optical Power Limiting & Laser Eye Protection 


Patent Number – 5,757,525 dated May 26, 1998
All Optical Devices (includes switches, modulators and logic gates)

Patent Number – 5,854,710 dated Dec. 29, 1998
Optical Fourier Processing (includes edge enhancement, band pass filtering, noise removal and pattern recognition)

Patent app. filed October 11, 2002
Optical Fourier Systems and Methods for Medical Image Processing 

Patent app. filed June 30, 2003
Systems and Methods for Limiting Power using Photo-induced Anisotropy 

Patent app. filed February, 2005
Phase based digital image processing techniques for computer aided diagnosis

Selected Publications 

Common-path multimodal optical microscopy
with Chandra S. Yelleswarapu, Marla Tipping, Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli, and Alexey Veraksa
Opt. Lett., 34, 1243 (2009)

Enhancement of photoinduced polarization rotation in azobenzene polymer films
with Chandra S. Yelleswarapu, Yuanliang Chu, and Brian R. Kimball
Opt. Common., 282, 2259 (2009)

Coherent population oscillations and superluminal light in a protein complex
with Chandra S. Yelleswarapu, Samir Laoui, and Reji Philip
Opt. Exp., 16, 3844 (2008)

Optical Fourier techniques for medical image processing and phase contrast imaging
with Chandra S. Yelleswarapu and Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli
Review Article Opt. Common., 281, 1876 (2008)

Passive all-optical diode using asymmetric nonlinear absorption
with Reji Philip, M. Anija, and Chandra S. Yelleswarapu
Appl. Phys. Lett., 91, 1411181 (2007)

Completely Passive Nonlinear Transmission System using Nonlinear Absorbing Medium and Azobenzene Films
with Chandra S. Yelleswarapu, and Brain R. Kimball
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Slow light in bacteriorhodopsin solution using coherent population oscillations
with Chandra S. Yelleswarapu, Reji Philip, Francisco J. Aranda, and Brain R. Kimball
Opt. Lett., 32, 1788 (2007)

Phase contrast imaging using photo-thermally induced phase transitions in liquid crystals
with Chandra S. Yelleswarapu, Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli, Yvonne Vaillancourt, Francisco J. Aranda, and B. Kimball, 
Appl. Phys. Lett., 89, 2111161 (2006)

All-optical spatial filtering with power limiting materials
with Chandra S. Yelleswarapu, Pengfei Wu, Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli, B. Kimball, S. Sivasankara Sai,
R. Gowrishankar, and S. Sivaramakrishnan,
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Nonlinear optical image processing with bacteriorhodopsin polymer films
with Chandra S. Yelleswarapu, Pengfei Wu, and Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli 
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The complex optical response of arrays of aligned, multi-walled carbon nanotubes
with K. Gregorczyk, B. Kimball, J. Carlson, A. Pembroke, K. Kempa, Z. Ren, Chandra S. Yelleswarapu, T. Kempa, G. Benham, Y. Wang, Wenzhi Li, A. Herczynski, and J. Rybczynski
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Controllable snail-paced light in biological bacteriorhodopsin
with Pengfei Wu,
Phys. Rev. Lett.
95, 253601 (2005). (pdf)

Spectral phase based medical image processing
with Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli Chandra S. Yelleswarapu, Sriram G. Naraharisetty, and Pengfei Wu,
Academic Radiology 12, 708 (2005). (pdf)

Nonlinear optical Fourier filtering technique for medical image processing 
with Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli, Pengfei Wu, and Chandra S. Yelleswarapu, 
Journal of Biomedical Optics 10, 0440280 (2005). (pdf

Medical image processing using transient Fourier holography in Bacteriorhodopsin films 
with Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli, Pengfei Wu, and Chandra S. Yelleswarapu, 
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Light scattering of periodic beta-aligned carbon nanotubes
with Pengfei Wu, B. Kimball,
Phys. Rev. Lett. *** (2004). (pdf

Biological nano-ceramic materials for holographic data storage
with Pengfei Wu, Murty Bhamidipati, and Melissa Coles,  
Chem. Phys. Lett. 400, 506 (2004). (pdf

Self-diffraction in bacteriorhodopsin films for low power optical limiting 
with D. Narayana Rao, Chandra S. Yelleswarapu, Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli, B. Kimball, 
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Optical power limiting with photoinduced anisotropy of azobenzene films 
with Pengfei Wu, Reji Phillip, Ramesh B. Laghumavarapu, Janakiram Devulapalli, Brain R. Kimball,
Masato Nakashima, and Barry S. DeCristofano,
Applied Optics
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Photonic crystals based on periodic arrays of aligned carbon nanotubes
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M. Giersig, D. L. Carnahan, D. Z. Wang, J. Y. Lao, W. Z. Li, and Z. F. Ren, 
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Enhancement of photoinduce anisotropy and all-optical switching in Bacteriorhodopsin films
with Pengfei Wu, B. R. Kimball, M. Nakashima and B. S. DeCristofano, 
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Non-volatile grating in an azobenzene polymer with optimized molecular reorientation 
with P. Wu, B.R. Kimball, M. Nakashima, B.S. DeCristofano, 
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Self-protective diffraction limiting using the technique of bi-photon holography
with P. Wu, B. R. Kimball, M. Nakashima, B. S. DeCristofano, 
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Processing of medical images using real-time optical fourier processing
with Appaji Panchangam, K.V.L.N. Sastry, B.S. DeCristofano, B.R. Kimball and M. Nakashima,  
Medical Physics 28, 22-27 (2001).

Wavelength dependent studies of nonlinear absorption in ZnmpTBP uisng Z-scan technique
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Spatial light modulation with an azobenzene doped polymer by use of biphotonic holography 
with P. Wu, B.R. Kimball, M. Nakashima and B.S. DeCristofano, 
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Optical implementation of the wavelet tranform using a Bacteriorhodopsin film as an optically addressed 
spatial light modulator 
with Joby Joseph, F.J. Aranda, B.S. DeCristofano, B.R. Kimball and M. Nakashima, 
Appl. Phys. Lett. 73, 1484 (1999).

Dispersion of the nonlinear absorption of copper phthalocyanine in a silica xerogel matrix through 
the visible spectrum 
with E. Blanco, D. Narayana Rao, F.J. Aranda, S. Tripathy, J.A. Akkara, R. Litran and M. Ramirez-del-Solar, 
J. Appl. Phys. 83, 3441-3443 (1998).

A comparative study of C 60 pthalocyanine and porphyrin for optical limiting over the visible region
with D.Narayana Rao, E. Blanco F. J. Aranda, 
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Dispersion studies of non-linear absorption in C 60 using Z-Scan 
with D. Narayana Rao, J. A. Akkara and B.S. DeCristofano, 
Chem. Phys. Lett. 297, 491 (1998).

Optical computing and information processing with a protein complex
with Joby Joseph, F.J. Aranda and B.S. DeCristofano, 
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Ultra fast relaxation times of Metalloporphyrins by time resolved degenerate four wave mixing with incoherent light 
with D. Narayana Rao, S. V. Rao, F. J. Aranda, M. Nakashima and J. A. Akkara, 
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 14, 2710-2715 (1997).

All-optical logic gates with Bacteriorhodopsin films 
with D. Narayana Rao, F.J.Aranda, Z. Chen, J.A. Akkara, D.L. Kaplan, M. Nakashima, 
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Photonic applications of Bacteriorhodopsin 
with F. J. Aranda, Z. Chen, J. A. Akkara, D. L. Kaplan, M. Nakashima 
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All-optical light modulation in Bacteriorhodopsin films 
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Biomimetic membrane and interface templates for enzyme-based polymerization reactions
with J. A. Akkara, M. Ayyagari, F. Bruno, L. Samuelson, V.T. John, C. Karayigitoglu, S. Tripathy, K.A. Marx and D.L. Kaplan 
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Mirrorless all-optical bistability in Bacteriorhodopsin 
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Third-order optical nonlinearities of Benzoporphyrins and a Platinum Poly-yne
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with D. N. Ghosh Roy,
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Self-focusing in polymers 
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Brillouin scattering in thin film waveguides
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Brillouin scattering of light in liquid crystal 
with G. Durand, 
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Laser induced resistivity changes in Silicon 
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Quadrupole interactions in Chrysoberyl 
with L. Rao,  
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Calculations of electric field gradients and g-factors for a single crystal of paramagnetic CUC12 2H20
with A. N. Murty, 
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Electron spin resonance of an irradiated single crystal of urea oxalate 
with W. Gordy, 
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Molecular quadrupole moment of Nitric oxide
Nature 186, 881 (1960).

SPIE and Conference Proceedings


Andhra University, Waltair, India, B.Sc. (Honors) 1953
M.Sc., 1954; D.Sc., 1958

Positions Held

Lecturer in Physics, Andhra University, 1957-1959; 1961-1963.
Research Associate, Physics Department, Duke University,
Durham , North Carolina, 1959-1961.
Senior Scientist, Solid State Physics Laboratory, Delhi, India 1963-1966; Leader of Magnetic Resonanance Group.
Research Physicist, Maser Optics, Inc. July 1966-April,1968.
Manager, Research Division, Spacerays, Inc., April 1968-August 1968.
Associate Professor, University of Massachusets at Boston, September 1968-1975.
Professor of Physics, University of Massachusetts at Boston, 1975 - to the present
Chairman, Physics Department 1978-1980; Graduate Program Director, Applied
Physics Graduate Program 1986 - 1988, 1992 – 1995, 1997- to the present

Other Positions Or Fellowships (Held concurrently with those above)

Research Fellow, Division of Engineering and Applied Physics, Harvard University 1967-1969.
Visiting Research Professor of Physics, I.I.T., Madras 1983.
Adjunct Professor of Physics, University of Masschusetts Amherst 1991 -
Adjunct Professor of Physics, University of Massachusetts Lowell 1994 -


Laser Technology
Developing Technology